Veteranstøtten er etableret for at understøtte det arbejde, Veteranstøtten udfører for at hjælpe veteraner og deres pårørende, der har udfordringer som følge af veteranens udsendelse i en international mission.


Camp Frøslev

Camp Frøslev is found in barrack H16 which ‘Veteranstøtten’ (The Support Organisation for Danish Veterans) uses for meetings, education, events and lend out to organisations supporting the work for veterans and Defence Command Denmark. Camp Frøslev was established to support the work of Veteranstøtten to help Danish veterans and their families with any challenges related to the veteran’s deployment in international missions.

Purpose and facilities

Organisations related to Defence Command Denmark may loan Camp Frøslev. The camp can be used for arrangements/events with the purpose of encouraging comradeship and developing supportive networks for the veterans.

Camp Frøslev is a part of Frøslev Camp – it is in barrack H16 which is 575 m2 and has room for 26 overnight guests.

Barrack H16 has 22 single rooms with bath, two double rooms and a room for disabled with bath. It is possible to arrange for extra beds. Further, barrack H16 has a living room with kitchenette which is communal and a large kitchen which may be used upon agreement.

Visit Camp Frøslev and go on cultural and historical adventures in Southern Jutland and Northern Germany

Just outside Camp Frøslev you will find the many exhibitions and museums of Frøslev Camp which have many experiences waiting for you. Explore the exhibitions, including the UN Museum, Hjemmeværnsmuseet, The Frøslev Camp Museum and exhibitions for Beredskabstjenesten and Amnesty International. Many experiences are awaiting you during your stay at Camp Frøslev.

Camp Frøslev er beliggende i smukke naturomgivelser

der giver rige muligheder for rekreation og friluftsaktiviteter.Flensborg, med sine 85.000 indbyggere, ligger kun 8 km fra Frøslevlejren.


An eventful stay

If you have more time during your stay, you may buy a guided trip from the local division of the Nature Agency and explore the beautiful nature of Southern Jutland. They offer trips with themes like finding mushrooms, archery, etc. – these trips are very popular.

Flensburg in Northern Germany is also an attractive destination for the guests of Camp Frøslev. The city has a beautiful waterfront with nice restaurants and pedestrian zones with good shopping.

Frøslev Camp is situated at exit 76 on E45, the motorway through Southern Jutland, just before the border at Frøslev.

Prices and practicalities

If you want to make use of the facilities at Camp Frøslev, you will pay for running costs like water, heating and electricity. 

  • The price is 100 DKK per person per night.
  • Veterans with a Veteran’s Card have a 50% discount on their stay when arranging meetings and events at Camp Frøslev.
  • Bed linen and towels can be rented at 50 DKK (no discount). 
  • Living room and kitchenette are communal.

The users are required to tidy up and clean the premises after use. Veterans can seek financial support for other costs of their stay with Veteranstøttens Aktivitetsudvalg. No support is given for the transportation. Please find the application form (in Danish) here


Please book your stay at Camp Frøslev by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

Visit Camp Frøslev in beautiful natural surroundings.

A visit to Camp Frøslev holds good opportunities for recreation and outdoor activities.

Further, you are only 8 km from Flensburg – a city of 85,000 inhabitants with lots of offers – adding more opportunities to your stay. 



Dogs are in general not allowed at Camp Frøslev.
Documented support/service or guide dogs may be allowed upon agreement with the Camp Frøslev manager. In that case, they will be given a special room. Only dogs supporting disabled or visually handicapped persons can be allowed at Camp Frøslev.

We refer to the Danish association of animals’ homes which can take care of your animals during your stay. Please contact an animals’ home in due time:


Please park behind building K2 or at the large parking space outside the camp.


More information

Ole Stokholm Pedersen
Tlf.: +45 20 62 67 94


Lejrvejen 89
6330 Padborg

D.s.i. Frøslevlejren

VAT NO. 42860654

D.s.i. Frøslevlejren

VAT NO. 42860654