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09.00 – 17.00 dagligt
fra 01. april til 31. oktober


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The UN Museum: Denmark’s International Veteran Museum

Visit the UN Museum in barrack 46 and learn more about the Danish international operations from 1948 and until today. 
The UN Museum gives you the stories of the Danish soldiers deployed on international missions. Learn more about the earlier missions and experience the daily life of the soldiers being abroad.



The UN Museum was founded in 1990 and has already celebrated its 25 years anniversary. The museum is run by voluntary custodians who have all served as deployed soldiers. They tell the story of the missions and efforts of Danish soldiers all over the world – and contribute with their own perspective.

Small and large questions

Both small and large questions concerning the Danish soldiers on an international mission are answered when you visit the UN Museum. The exhibitions and the voluntary custodians share their knowledge on the daily day of the Danish soldiers deployed on international missions and they will answer your questions like: What does a normal day look like, when you are deployed? How do they live? Which cars, planes and other vehicles do they use for transportation?

And you will get an understanding of major questions like: What is the reason for sending out Danish soldiers on international missions? How were earlier missions accomplished? And much more!

Denmark’s international effort

Denmark’s international effort covers places like Gaza, Congo, Cyprus, Lebanon, Sudan, Eritrea, Mali, the hospital ship Jutlandia, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan and Balkan. All in all, more than 70 different missions which are all described at the UN Museum.

The UN Museum covers all previous UN missions and are updated with ongoing missions as well. Despite the name, the museum also covers missions under NATO, EU, OSCE and coalitions. The museum also holds the only exhibition in Denmark of deployment of the Danish Police.

Dynamic exhibition

When you walk through the exhibitions, you can see the historical development of Denmark’s international effort from 1948 and until today. As the museum receives donations and exhibits for the exhibitions from soldier who have been deployed, the exhibitions constantly change and are therefore very dynamic and continuously adapted and developed by the voluntary custodians.

The UN Museum has several very unique exhibits: You can see Denmark’s very first UN flag from 1956 which was used in Gaza; take a look at the handwritten diaries by the soldiers deployed on the very first missions; or explore the complete collections of medals from the UN, NATO and Denmark – encompassing all medals given to Danish soldiers and policemen.

All custodians have been deployed themselves and therefore have a thorough knowledge on the missions. And they all have their own story to tell. Therefore, each visit to the UN Museum will be unique.

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Opening hours

09.00 – 17.00 daily
From 01. April to 31. October


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More information

Admission to the museum is free and guided tours can be booked in and out of season. Bookings are made by contacting chairman Mr Per Amnitzbøl Rasmussen; by e-mail formand@fnmuseet.dk or by phone +45 40 35 13 33. Please feel free to write or call, if you have any questions.

Visit the kiosk of the UN Museum, if you want to bring back a memento from your visit. Here you will find different items with each their own story. If you cannot make a choice during your visit, you can order a souvenir at the UN Museum webshop: [www.salg.fnmuseet.dk].


More information

Chairman, Per A. Rasmussen
Tlf.: +45 40 35 13 33
E-mail: formand@fnmuseet.dk


Lejrvejen 89
6330 Padborg