Foreningen Frøslevlejrens Venners

Formålet med Foreningen Frøslevlejrens Venner er at støtte og bevare Frøslevlejren. I Frøslevlejren kan du dykke ned i forskellige spændende, dystre eller interessante dele af danmarkshistorien.


The Friends of Frøslev Camp Association ambition, work and membership

Foreningen Frøslevlejrens Venner has as its purpose to support and maintain the Frøslev Camp. Frøslev Camp lets you explore different exciting, gloomy or interesting parts of Denmark’s history. The camp houses many museums, exhibitions and other cultural activities which all tell a part of our joint story. It is important, that we all know our history and the purpose of the association is to disseminate the knowledge of and interest for this important part of Denmark’s history – Denmark’s fight for freedom during 1940 till 1945.

Ambition and work

It is the ambition of Foreningen Frøslevlejrens Venner to make your visit to Frøslev Camp a better experience. They constantly work on new initiatives to improve your experience when you visit the camp. For instance, they are working on a joint information platform to make it easier for you and all visitors to find the informative offers of the camp quickly and easily.

The association has a board consisting of five board members and a substitute member – and you can support the work of the association by becoming a member of the association.

The association has its facilities in barrack K7. The facilities are not open to public and only open to members in connection with the annual general meeting on 4 May.


Private persons, associations and companies can become members of the association – please find all information (in Danish) on the website of the association. As a member you will pay a membership fee and thereby contribute to the purpose of Foreningen Frøslevlejrens Venner.

Bliv medlem

Du kan blive medlem som privatperson, forening eller virksomhed – og du kan læse om det og meget mere på foreningens egen hjemmeside. Som medlem betaler du kontingent og bidrager på den måde til Frøslevlejrens Venners formål. Du kan blive medlem af foreningen ved at udfylde vores tilmeldingsblanket


Kontingentet for et personligt medlemskabet er 125,-kr. pr. år.
Kontingent for foreninger og virksomheder mv. er 400 kr. pr. år.


Bliv medlem nu

News from Foreningen Frøslevlejrens Venner

The news magazine from Foreningen Frøslevlejrens Venner is published around 1 April every year. It is published in cooperation with Den Selvejende Institution Frøslevlejren (the self-governing institution Frøslev Camp). The magazine has information on events and what has happened during the past year at Frøslev Camp.

Find more information (in Danish) on the work of the association and how to become a member at the website of Foreningen Frøslevlejrens Venner:,, and also read the magazine from Foreningen Frøslevlejrens Venner here.




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