The Danish Emergency Management Agency

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– a journey through the history of the emergency services in Denmark. The story starts in 1929.

Civilbeskyttelsestjenestens Udrykningskolonne, a voluntary civil defence force, sent white buses to German concentration camps to bring Nordic prisoners home to Scandinavia. The Swedish Red Cross coordinated the rescue missions.

Take a walk through the history of Redningsberedskabet (the Danish rescue service) in Barrack H1. This is the information and exhibition barrack of Beredskabsforbundet.



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Exhibition – historical and present

The exhibition gives you an idea of how the rescue services have changed over the years, from 1929 and until today. Among others, you can see the development from the old watchman over the fire at Christiansborg Castle via the Statens Civile Luftværn (Danish Civilian Air Defence), Civilbeskyttelsens Udrykningstjeneste, CBU (the emergency unit of the Civil Protection) and Civilforsvaret, CF (the Civil Defence) till todays rescue services, including information on:

  • Civilbeskyttelsens Udrykningstjeneste, CBU – a national emergency unit under the Civil Protection – later to become the Danish Civilforsvaret – with emergency units all over the country to be used in case of war or catastrophe.
  • “De Blå Piger” – the blue girls, who were voluntary women joining Civilforsvaret in the years 1948-1953
  • DKB – The Danish Women Emergency Unit, a national organisation for voluntary women in Civilforsvaret, 1940-1090
  • The municipal fire service and civil defence
  • The Danish Emergency Management Agency and its units ready to assist during catastrophes in Denmark and abroad

When you go through the exhibition you will get a lot of exciting and educational information on all the tasks which the fire service and civil defence are solving both nationally and internationally, and you will see a number of pictures describing our society from before 1929 and until today. You will get a very vivid insight in both the past and the present. 

When visiting barrack H1 it is also possible to see a current centre exhibition, showing you how the Danish rescue service is organised today to be able to solve the demanding tasks in a modern society.

HRH Queen Ingrid’s DKB uniforms

Barrack H1 holds an exhibition of HRH Queen Ingrid’s DKB uniforms. HRH Queen Ingrid was patroness for the Danish Women Emergency Unit. In 2010 one of her uniforms were exhibited at the museum at Chr. VIII’s Palace at the royal palace Amalienborg in connection with a memorial exhibition, 100 years after the birth of HRH Queen Ingrid.

Let yourself immerse

There are lots of opportunities to immerse in barrack H1; either in the history in the library or in the special exhibitions of “The Danish Women Emergency Unit” and “German Refugees in Denmark 1945-1949”.

Digital quiz

Through the entire exhibition you will find QR-codes adding more fun and knowledge to the exhibition. The QR-codes are made in cooperation with The Open School in Aabenraa Municipality and are meant to create a realistic and motivating learning environment for pupils. Grab your smartphone and let the QR-codes lead you through a quiz on the things you meet during your visit to the exhibition.

Under Røde Kors ledelse

kørte CBU de hvide busser til tyske kz-lejre og hentede nordiske fanger hjem


If you need a break on the way, to sit down and sort all information and impressions, the custodians of barrack H1 will see to it, that you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe.  The cosy cafe has pictures from the exhibition to look at.


In the shop in barrack H1 you will find an assortment of beautiful, handmade jewellery made of horn, bone and silver by the artist Ruth Fisker. You may also want to take a look at the beautiful handmade glass from Glaskunsten in Tønder, made by the artist Joan Hansen.

Open every day from 9-17 in the period from 1 April to around 31 October.

Coffee, tea and ice can be bought from the custodians.

Barrack H1 – custodians, tel.: +45 74 67 68 87

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D.s.i. Frøslevlejren

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